Heaven knows that it's a crazy ride.

It's never perfect all the time.

it's a mouth crime.
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sooner or later.
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Sooner or later you're gonna come around
And you'll be sorry when you figure out
That I was always everything that you needed
Sooner or later you're gonna wish you had me
Yeah, you're gonna wish you had me


i love regina (for inspiring this) and caterwauls (for making it)

Young man, the process in which you are calling me excessively will not convince me to vacate these premises any quicker.
It will not cause me to don my outerwear any quicker. It will not persuade me to abandon my females any quicker.
It would've done me well to keep my celluar auditory device at my place of residence, for this is a catastrophe.
Contacting me like a person who acquires currency. I apologize for not being able to reply back at the moment.

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